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HOMH, Edinburgh, 2010/2011


Homh is an invented word that tries to encapsulate different concepts: homo (latin for human), home/domus, the sound om connected to meditation. 

This series of photographs is looking at the natural, gradual modification of our urban centers, their daily characteristics and activities as illustrated through the transformation of places of worship into venues that respond to the social needs of the time. Nowhere is this metamorphosis more evident than in church buildings, which carry political, social, and spiritual implications relevant to past, present and future of the western world.


The work was realised during a one-month residency at the Stills Gallery in Edinburgh in June 2010, and seeks to capture a residual sense of spirituality, sometimes due to the architectural and artificial use of light or originated by human presence. Human activity within a space produces movement, energy, light, life, and consequently its own form of spirituality. 


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