Florae is a series created within the larger context of a commission for the South Glasgow Hospital, a project which was addressing the artistic and design features for specific rooms within this new hospital complex, considering the spaces capacity to embody and enhance a sense of healing and calm. 

These images were part of a first preliminary studio series within a larger research project, aiming at creating connections between nature and people in Glasgow. These flowers were picked up from the streets and dried in the sunlight. The imperfection in the reproduction of the shapes and colors is a way of taking distance from the botanical and perfect representation of the plant we can find in books, making space for the nicknames and the common names, which instead constantly change depending where we move in space and time.


The fragility of the Polaroid print, which, exposed to direct light will slowly fade, links both to the delicate plant itself dried by the sun, and to the dimension of our frail lives as humans, especially in the context of the hospital. 

Thanks to Robin Leishman the work was framed using wood leftovers and pallets coming from the same streets where the flowers were found.